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We hope that TANGGE toilets can bring you extremely comfortable product experience. After all, in respect to product category, the quality of Tangge toilets is leading all similar products with perfect design, technology, process and quality. In short, TANGGE toiletsperfectlypresent the perfect balance among geometry, fluid mechanics and design.


TANGGE basins can provide modern and unique solutions for private bathroom, dressing roomand hotel. White ceramic is clean and clear and the model mainly comes from the inspiration of natural objects with elegant appearance and integral form. Scientific basin depth design effectively solves the problem of splashing and the super clean and antibacterial TANGGE Mirrooth Glaze is glossy and always looks like new.

Bathroom fumiture

Bathrooms are expected to meet the needs of different users, and thus, TANGGE insists on minimalist design principle for its bathroom unit series. It aims at providing its users withmore bathroom units stylesfordifferent styles have different feelings. However, within one series, the products shall present a consistent style and a harmonious visual effect. Ellai’s bathroom space integrates practicality, quality and comfort, so as to release an enjoyment signal to all users

TANGGREAT Made in China, Abreast in the World

The three TANGGREAT production bases are located in Tangshan, which was honored as “Six Porcelain Capitals in China” along with Jingdengzhen, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places. The TANGGREAT bases occupy a total area of 550,00 square meters with more than 1,200 employees, 6 tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns, over 200 production lines, and an annual output of 2.5 million sanitary products.

TANGGREAT carefully selects 32 kinds of natural clay, stirred with 20 degree purified water, ground with green base for 7 times, and carved with 109 processes, and produces the one and only TANGGREAT white ceramic.

TANGGREAT’s large-scale andstandardized production mode ensures the quality of each product. It advocates the philosophy of high efficiency and energy saving, introduces the world leading equipment and production technology and strives to ensure the product to reach its best state at every stage.

TANGGREAT owns international production lines, but it still insists on traditional handcraft for certain processes.

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